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Security Tips For Airbnb Hosts


How to Protect Your Belongings During a Short Term Rental

With the increasing popularity of short term property rentals, many home and apartment owners are finding they can make a nice income renting out their homes to guests who prefer a more relaxed and affordable lodging to impersonal and expensive hotels.

However, there are risks involved to opening up your home to a complete stranger. Even though Airbnb does do a good job of screening your guests and even offers to cover certain types of property up to $1 million, there are some things they don’t cover, which are up to you to make sure are secure. Items like credit cards, personal information or important documents and other items are not covered.

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9 Little Extras to Make Your Guest’s Stay More Enjoyable

Love is all you need. But sometimes a nice bunch of flowers or a few sweet-smelling shower gels wouldn’t go amiss in your listing. When you’re a host you don’t have to welcome your guests with rose petals or towels in the shape of swans (although if you’re an origami expert, go for it!) But the bare minimum – toilet paper, towels and clean sheets – won’t make you memorable. Here are a few ideas for creative, fun ways to enhance your listing and make your guests’ stay a whole lot more enjoyable.

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