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5 Ways to Avoid Rental Difficulties

The short term rental industry is not without its problems. Hang on – did we just say problems? As a homeowner looking to rent out your property you’re probably focused on all the benefits of the short term rental market. But you have to consider the rental pains that could put a damper on those dreams. Don’t panic. By following these simple guidelines you can avoid common pitfalls associated with renting your space, and enjoy a positive and profitable experience renting out your property.

1. Screen your guests
You don’t have to contact the NSA for your potential guest’s life story, but you do need to exercise a little caution over who you allow access to your property. By putting a few screening processes in place you get peace of mind, and you also give your guests the assurance you are a bona fide, caring host. For example, you can message or call potential visitors before they book, and choose to only work with guests who have filled out their profile.

2. Use the official booking process
You may be asked by guests to bypass the official process on the rental site in order to avoid booking fees. Don’t be tempted to take it outside the site – if you do, you will not be able to use any of the features Airbnb and other sites put in place to protect hosts.

3. Set your ground rules
Be clear and upfront about what you expect from guests and lay down any ground rules in advance. For example, what is your policy on smoking? Are there house rules about no early check in or late check out?

4. Answer questions quickly
Make an effort to be responsive when guests ask questions about your property. Make use of that smartphone to reply on-the-go – when you are quick to reply you iron out any issues swiftly, and give your guests a better experience.

5. Be honest about your property
You’re not going to make any friends if you advertise your one-bedroom apartment as a spacious, light-filled property when in reality it is more of a box. Of course, you want to promote your space in the best possible way but never embellish so much that guests will be disappointed when they arrive. Besides providing a negative experience for guests, you could get into trouble with the rental website.

We love Airbnb and we’re here to help make your experience in the short term rental market more profitable, simpler, and more enjoyable. Don’t let potential difficulties put you off. By planning and preparing your property you can benefit from the rental experience to the max.

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